Extortion and Peddling Misinformation: The Dangerous Weaponization of Social Media in Dominica

Extortion is a reprehensible crime that preys on the vulnerability and fear of individuals or organizations.

This exposé delves into the shadowy world of employing hired goons for political and personal gains through the digital world of social media and hired journalism.   The story starts with an extortionist named Trevor “Tossy” Johnson, who has been using his so-called “influence” to defame Montreal Management Consultants and its CEO, Anthony Haiden, to gain monetary benefits. By unravelling his actions and motivations, this article aims to shed light on the dark underbelly of extortion and the urgent need for justice.

The hypothesis by the well-known, unrepentant social media provocateur of low reputation has historically been channeled through the Opposition politics of the Commonwealth of Dominica and reportedly associated funding networks. The noticeable motive is to place in a bad light the personal and business venture of Anthony Haiden, MMCE, and its networks leading to the subsequent retard of the economic development of Dominica.

Based on audio recordings, text messages, and emails over the last five years, the extortionist has operated through a complex web of tactics, relying on fear and intimidation to achieve his goals. He has threatened and constantly attacked Haiden and MMCE through various platforms like social media and blog sites.

Recently, based on the audio recordings and his public confession, Trevor revealed on Facebook that Haiden approached him to make amends and become MMC’s PR Consultant, to which he required USD 20,000 – USD 25,000 per month. Johnson also sent a video of his “conversation with his wife” about the big deal. In the discussion, Trevor said he was sure Haiden could afford it even if he asked for a huge amount and had admitted that he had been attacking him.

“I know it is a big deal, I know it is a big deal. I know he’s making tons of money; we know that… I know he could afford it – if I even ask for USD 100,000 a month. I’m sure he could afford point-blank, right? That is for the five, for the five years or more I have been attacking him. So, he knows my worth… I think a certain demand would be even acceptable,” said Trevor.

And when Haiden did not give to his demands, Johnson continued to defame and spread false information on the World Wide Web. The subject also tries to engage Haiden in business opportunities in Trinidad and Guyana via hundreds of WhatsApp messages, pleading to initiate business relationships and claiming that he has “every possible path to engage Haiden in business”. Often, Trevor would also try to insinuate that Haiden and MMCE need a “PR like him to avoid further failure.”

Trevor’s unsuccessful pursuit of Haiden and MMCE, coupled with renowned interest by the Opposition to attack MMCE, resulted in the current plot being weaved. 

The Plot: Peddle misinformation for Opposition “to rule over the ashes”

Social media and the internet, hailed as a tool for connecting people and sharing information, have become a breeding ground for disseminating misinformation.

Peddlers of misinformation congregate in echo chambers, where they reinforce each other’s beliefs and are less likely to question the integrity of information that aligns with their worldview. In this case, Trevor is not alone. He is being backed up by the Opposition to spread misinformation continuously.

Apart from monetary gains, misinformation is being used by perpetrators to manipulate public opinion, sway elections, and advance political agendas — they deliberately spread false information to cause chaos, sow discord, or harm the reputation of individuals, organizations, or nations.

“An evil man will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes.” – Sun Tzu

The main plot is to undermine and derail the nation’s highly acclaimed Citizenship by Investment Programme and attack the Government and its partners like MMC and Haiden, leading to Dominica’s economy’s demise.  The Opposition is more than willing to sacrifice Dominica’s well-being and stability to achieve their goals.

Apart from Trevor’s continuous attacks on social media, the Opposition, with its former leader Lennox Linton, has hired a group of “investigative journalists” — with Trevor designing and coordinating the narrative.

Brian Fitzpatrick and Antonio Baquero, editors of OCCRP, reached out to Haiden, among others, to comment on this. We were purveyed with a copy of the questions and the answers provided by Haiden, where there was an apparent attempt to set the records straight officially.

Utilizing social media with the collaboration of OCCRP is another method of the Opposition and Trevor launching a war. The information about the Opposition hiring these journalists was confirmed in a private conversation with a former insider and former Parliamentary member of the UWP. In addition, Trevor exposed himself by sending Haiden WhatsApp messages of him controlling these guys. And being the extortionist he is, Trevor even offered himself as PR to Haiden and MMC, which was left unanswered.


Extortion and misinformation are two distinct but interconnected issues that can have severe consequences for individuals, organizations, and society when used together.

Based on the documents and information collected, we conclude that such a plot should be criminally prosecuted in Dominica and the USA for economic and media terrorism. The level of wickedness is nothing short of pure evil that could undermine the livelihood of a small island nation. Nothing but shame and disgrace is brought upon by UWP elements for such a failed coordinated attack.

In an era where information spreads rapidly, and digital communication is prevalent, addressing the intersection of extortion and misinformation is crucial to protecting and upholding the principles of trust, integrity, and justice in society.

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